Anything is Possible at NewNew
Anything is Possible at NewNew

Anything is Possible at NewNew

Hey! I’m Isabella👋🏼, I hail from the beautiful state of Virginia and I work as a Community Manager at NewNew.

NewNew’s been my home for a year now, but I’ve already learned half-a-decade worth of stuff since I joined.

I LOVE the work I do here, but aside from that, I also love to hang out with friends and family, explore the great outdoors and shop like it’s no one's business. 💁🏻‍♀️

I was a Junior in high school, in the midst of a pandemic, working overtime to keep myself busy when I met one of the founders of NewNew, Courtne Smith.

Up until that point, I was just a high school student knee-deep in robotics working with clubs and exploring computer science. I also worked as a full-time STEM teacher to preschoolers through sixth graders teaching them computer science, engineering, math, and everything in between. I loved every second of teaching.

I was also in a coding camp called “Kode with Klossy” where Courtne was a guest speaker. I was immediately drawn in by how she talked about what she’s building and by how she carried herself. I knew I wanted to contact her right away.

At the time, I was the president of my school's “Girls Who Code” club and Courtne was the person I’d been searching for to light a fire under my girls to inspire them to be the tech leaders of tomorrow. After annoyingly asking every teacher and assistant I could contact, I got Courtne’s email and reached out to see if she would speak with my club.

To my pleasant surprise, Courtne happily agreed to speak to my club. Shortly after, she reached out to me asking what I was doing that summer and if I’d be willing to meet with her co-founder Fil about an opportunity at NewNew.

It’s an understatement to say that I was completely stunned when they offered me a job at NewNew. I was 16 at the time dealing with clubs and grades. It would have NEVER occurred to me that I would have the opportunity to work at such a cutting-edge tech startup.

They said they admired how I carried myself and were impressed by how involved I was in all my different organizations. They really care more about how much potential a person has and your attitude, rather than just what work experience you already have.

It was a no-brainer – I had to say yes!

Working here has been a life-changing experience that challenges me and pushes me to be a better person, personally and professionally.

The work climate here at NewNew has allowed me to expand in my position and move on to new, more challenging opportunities.

As the company grows, I’ve been given the opportunity to take on a new role as the Community Manager.

Courtne and Fil don’t mess around, and neither does anyone else at NewNew for that matter. We push each other to the limit and we all expect 200%. 💦

I’ve been working my ass off and loving every second of it!